Lizhen Wang (王立祯)

Postdoc at Tsinghua University (清华大学博士后)

About me

I am a postdoc at Department of Automation since 2023, Tsinghua University, China. I am advised by Yebin Liu in Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences. My research interests lie in 3D body reconstruction, 3D face reconstruction, 3D face tracking and StyleGAN-based or NeRF-based facial avatar.

Real-time tracking (single RGB camera).
Real-time portrait avatar.



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期望求职方向: 数字人、AIGC、NeRF/Gaussian相关、面捕/人脸生成


Aug. 2018 - Jun. 2023, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University,

Ph.D in Yebin Liu's lab.

Aug. 2014 - Jul. 2018, Mathematics and Physics, Tsinghua University,

Bachelor of Science.


Jun. 2023 - Present, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University,

Postdoc in Yebin Liu's lab.

  • Human head avatar, 3D reconstruction, tracking.

  • May. 2020 - Jul. 2021 & Jul. 2022 - Sep. 2022, Alipay Business Line, Ant Group,

    Research Internship.

  • FaceVerse: building the high-fidelity 3D face morphable model using a hybrid dataset. FaceVerse real-time tracking using a RGB or RGB-D camera.

  • Jul. 2017 - Sep. 2017, Graphics & AI Lab, The University of Texas at Austin,

    Summer Internship.

  • Manifold CNN structure for 3D objects.
  • Publications

    Animatable Gaussians: Learning Pose-dependent Gaussian Maps for High-fidelity Human Avatar Modeling
    Zhe Li, Zerong Zheng, Lizhen Wang, Yebin Liu
    In Arxiv 2023

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    Gaussian Head Avatar: Ultra High-fidelity Head Avatar via Dynamic Gaussians
    Yuelang Xu, Benwang Chen, Zhe Li, Hongwen Zhang, Lizhen Wang, Zerong Zheng, Yebin Liu
    In Arxiv 2023

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    DreamCraft3D: Hierarchical 3D Generation with Bootstrapped Diffusion Prior
    Jingxiang Sun, Bo Zhang, Ruizhi Shao, Lizhen Wang, Wen Liu, Zhenda Xie, Yebin Liu
    In ICLR 2024

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    HAvatar: High-fidelity Head Avatar via Facial Model Conditioned Neural Radiance Field
    Xiaochen Zhao, Lizhen Wang, Jingxiang Sun, Ruizhi Shao, Jinli Suo, Yebin Liu
    In ACM Transaction on Graphics (ToG), 2023

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    StyleAvatar: Real-time Photo-realistic Portrait Avatar from a Single Video
    Lizhen Wang, Xiaochen Zhao, Jingxiang Sun, Yuxiang Zhang, Hongwen Zhang, Tao Yu, Yebin Liu
    In SIGGRAPH 2023

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    AvatarMAV: Fast 3D Head Avatar Reconstruction Using Motion-Aware Neural Voxels
    Yuelang Xu, Lizhen Wang, Xiaochen Zhao, Hongwen Zhang, Yebin Liu
    In SIGGRAPH 2023

    [PDF] [code] [Project Page]

    LatentAvatar: Learning Latent Expression Code for Expressive Neural Head Avatar
    Yuelang Xu, Hongwen Zhang, Lizhen Wang, Xiaochen Zhao, Han Huang, Guojun Qi, Yebin Liu
    In SIGGRAPH 2023

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    Next3D: Generative Neural Texture Rasterization for 3D-Aware Head Avatars
    Jingxiang Sun, Xuan Wang, Lizhen Wang, Xiaoyu Li, Yong Zhang, Hongwen Zhang, Yebin Liu
    In CVPR 2023 (highlight)

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    FaceVerse: a Fine-grained and Detail-controllable 3D Face Morphable Model from a Hybrid Dataset
    Lizhen Wang, Zhiyuan Chen, Tao Yu, Chenguang Ma, Liang Li, Yebin Liu
    In CVPR 2022

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    IDE-3D: Interactive Disentangled Editing for High-Resolution 3D-aware Portrait Synthesis
    Jingxiang Sun, Xuan Wang, Yichun Shi, Lizhen Wang, Jue Wang, Yebin Liu
    In ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2022)

    [PDF] [code] [Project Page]

    NormalGAN: Learning Detailed 3D Human from a Single RGB-D Image
    Lizhen Wang, Xiaochen Zhao, Tao Yu, Yebin Liu
    In ECCV 2020

    [PDF] [code] [video] [Project Page]

    DDRNet: Depth Map Denoising and Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras Using Cascaded CNNs
    Shi Yan, Chenglei Wu, Lizhen Wang, Feng Xu, Liang An, Kaiwen Guo, Yebin Liu
    In ECCV 2018

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